Apr 23, 2021 triking-cyclecars-UK


It’s 62 years since Tony left school and started work, and 28 years since he started Triking. The retirement he was promising Anita some 6 or 8 years ago has kept sliding into the future, but it is definitely at the stage now where this event has to happen! It’s true to say that during the past couple of years, Triking has not been running to its’ full potential, due to Tony slowing down, and turning away business. However, interest from potential customers seems as strong as ever. Certainly Tony will not be far away in spirit, as he would like to be at least a consultant, and would like to see the research and development of the SuperLite completed. (What he means is, – he wants to find time to race it!)

Ideally, with the business continued away from Marlingford, and Tony having at least a pension from it, would be a good solution, though selling it outright is not out of the question. Is there anybody out there with a workable solution? If so, please give Tony a ring on 01603 880641.