Apr 23, 2021 FAQ

Technical FAQ

This is the voice of our engineer who will answer your queries. Here he is in the workshop working on the Superlite.

We also have best hand man, a highly skilled and imaginative engineer, and is as enthusiastic about the Triking as Leaving school at 16. Other team memeber went on to complete a 5 year apprenticeship in Engineering and received an Outstanding Achievement Award.

He then traveled for a time, and joined the Triking Company in 1989, clocking up more than 11 years to date. Since that time Tony and Alan have constantly been looking to improve the original design of the Triking. Alan has owned a number of Trikings. Recently, he successfully and single handedly completed a superb specimen, V2 TRK shown at the top of the page.

Tell us what your technical problem is and our specialist engineers will try to give you an answer!