Apr 23, 2021 FAQ

About Triking Cyclecars


The Triking is a compliment to the Morgan three-wheelers of your Grandad’s day but with the original Matchless or Jap engines replaced by one of today’s lustiest Vee Twins, the Moto Guzzi. The four standard versions used give a power range from 70bhp to 100bhp, though tuning kits can extend this to 140bhp (illustrated above). Powerful 11 inch front disc brakes and double wishbone front suspension enable this amount of power to be thoroughly enjoyed in a comfortable two seater which weights 780lbs (350kgs). The list of optional extras is vast.

Triking Prices have been revised for 2004 see the relevant page for details
Company Profile

Triking Cyclecars Ltd. is the smallest motor vehicle manufacturer on the International (VIN) List, along with the giants such as Ford. The company has produced more than 110 cars (which is less than Ford but more exclusive) since the first Triking was produced in 1978. A large percentage of these have been factory built and it is seldom that one appears for resale. Few modifications have been made to the original design, which has sold worldwide. All Trikings have been produced in a workshop beside designer Tony Divey’s bungalow at Marlingford, a quiet Norfolk village. Tony’s son, Richard, and Alan Layzell comprise the rest of the workforce. Much importance is attached to regular participation in long distance trials and in circuit racing, which provides an excellent and enjoyable method of testing the strength, durability and practicality of the Triking.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the driving experience and to re-create a driving experience, now almost lost.